Prevent Virus Spread with Professional Sanitisation

Virus outbreaks like the COVID-19, SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola are all silent, invisible and mortal killers that pose a very serious threat to human health to our colleauges and loved ones.  These give rise to long term damages to business sustainability. To combat such outbreaks and help in staying safe, PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd have been leading the way in the provision of organisational and environmental cleaning, sanitisation and decontamination. 

Services include:-

  • Site remediation
  • Sanitisation of premises such as offices, production areas, hospitals and clinics, hotels, residences, fitness centres and other and places alike.

The process is carried by trained environmental technicians who make use of electrostatic touch-less technology generating a sanitising mist of micro particles that reaches all areas and surfaces ensuring they are fully sanitised and virus free whilst alsomitigating any impact on the environment that such a process may generate.

At the end of each routine, a sanitisation certification is handed over to client to seal the venue as germ free.  


Sanitisation of premisesSanitisation boat

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