Waste Chutes


Waste Chutes by PT Matic


Waste Management in high rise building is often overlooked. Despite some designs pledging to make living in a high rise building a positive experience, the reality is a pile of rubbish staked on the kerbside on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence on most of our residential roads.


But Waste Management does not have to look so messy. In this day and age, there are solutions! Waste chutes allow the residents to drop their waste via a chute into designated bins in a room that can be designed in the basement area or even at road level. Residents may select one of 3 options so that their waste is dropped in the correct bin (black bag, recyclable bag and organic waste).


PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd has partnered up with leading international manufacturers of such chutes – Kapella Chutes – to supply, install and maintain these chutes in Malta.


Imagine – living in a place where you never see rubbish outside your block of apartments!

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