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Understanding the International and National Bans on Asbestos

Asbestos, once hailed for its resistance to heat and its insulation properties, has in recent decades been recognised as a severe health hazard. As a result, countries across the globe have implemented bans and stringent regulations surrounding its use, handling, and disposal. Malta, like many countries, has its regulations that align with international guidelines. This […]

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Malta’s Waste Challenge: Could Underground Bins be the Solution?

Waste management is a challenge that many countries face, but for Malta, the stakes are especially elevated. As the smallest member state of the European Union, Malta contends with waste management problems exacerbated by its high population density, thriving tourism, and limited land availability. Recognising these challenges, stakeholders are actively exploring innovative solutions. Among these, […]

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Your 2024 Guide for Safe Asbestos Removal

Asbestos is a mineral that is found naturally and has been widely used in the construction and manufacturing industries for its insulating and heat-resistant properties. It consists of small, fibrous crystals that are easily inhaled into the lungs, causing serious health issues such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, and lung cancer. Although once considered a miraculous substance, […]

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Heat Waves and Landfill Management: Rising Temperatures, Rising Concerns

As global warming continues to yield increasingly frequent and intense heatwaves, there is a growing concern in a somewhat overlooked area – waste management. Among the various waste management methods, the process of landfilling is mainly affected by extreme temperature spikes. This article aims to explore the intersection of these two pressing issues: heatwaves and […]

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Exploring the Challenges of Liquid Waste Management

Liquid waste management is a critical issue often overlooked compared to its solid waste counterpart. From industrial effluents to household wastewater, the proper handling and treatment of liquid waste are essential for protecting human health and the environment. This article dives deep into the challenges associated with liquid waste management, uncovering the hidden threats it […]

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Waste Management Red Flags: Repercussions for Maltese Businesses

Waste management is a crucial aspect of environmental sustainability and public health. In Malta, businesses have a legal and ethical responsibility to manage their waste properly. As a matter of fact, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) and the Maltese authorities are tasked with enforcing waste management regulations and ensuring compliance. As health and safety […]

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Biomedical Waste Management: an Outlook on the Future

Biomedical waste is a significant environmental and public health hazard, and proper management is crucial. After the COVID-19 outbreak, the world has become increasingly aware of the impact of biomedical waste on public health and the environment, leading to a push for more sustainable management practices. In this article, we will discuss the future of […]

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Steps to Implement the Best Waste Management Plan (2023 Business Edition)

In today's business environment, it is increasingly important to have an efficient waste management system. As the global population grows and demand for goods and services increases, businesses are generating larger quantities of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. It is, therefore, essential to adopt a sustainable waste management approach to minimise the harmful effects on the […]

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