Environmental Testing, Instrumentation, and Analysis

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When you need accurate environmental testing. Choose an accredited partner you can rely on. Choose PT Matic and we’ll help ensure you achieve and maintain the requirements of ISO 14000, Environmental Permit Compliance and reach your environmentally-friendly business goals.

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PT Matic is the leading, accredited environmental testing service provider in Malta. We proudly partner with forward-thinking businesses like yours to provide comprehensive environmental testing, instrumentation and analysis.

We empower you to minimise your environmental effect, by helping you understand your impact.

Sectors And Solutions

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PT Matic is independent, accredited and experienced in the conduct of environmental testing programmes. Our comprehensive environmental testing services cover a wide range of sectors including, but not restricted to:

1. Particulate Matter Emissions;
2. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) Monitoring;
3. Other gaseous and related emission testing;
4. Testing of liquids and effluents;
5. Water and Wastewater Analysis;
6. Testing of soils and other forms of contaminated land;

We’re the trusted partner for businesses who want to achieve their environmentally friendly business goals and minimise environmental effects.

Environmental Testing Programmes

You need comprehensive environmental testing solutions and programmes that you can rely on, so you can address your environmental impact.

At PT Matic, we know that understanding the true nature of any environmental issues is the first step in creating lasting, positive change that helps you address your environmental impact.

Forward-thinking, environmentally conscious businesses trust us to provide accurate testing and analysis.

Because we too are striving to create a cleaner Malta and a cleaner world.

Our environmental testing programmes can be developed and implemented for all required compounds, adhering to the levels of accuracy each unique situation demands.

Our thorough testing programmes are designed to achieve and help you maintain the requirements of your Environmental Permit or ISO 14000 series of environmental management standards.

Our Comprehensive Environmental Testing activities involve:

  • Comprehensive testing and analysis of all aspects of the specific scenario before determining the appropriate actions. Assessing the true nature and magnitude of the issues is vital to ensure optimum solutions;
  • Evaluation and analysis of results achieved during any intervention process;
  • Implementation of monitoring programmes ensuring that control is maintained whilst promoting continuous improvement.

We work with all environmentally conscious enterprises to undertake major Environmental Baseline and Impact Assessments across a range of situations.

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