Mission Statement

We’re Dedicated to making Malta a cleaner country. Now and forever.

For us, waste treatment and effective waste management aren’t just about creating cleaner workplaces. It’s about creating cleaner living standards and a cleaner future for Malta and beyond.

Our mission is simple; we’re dedicated to making Malta a cleaner country.

For us. For you. And for future generations.

This is why at PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd, we are the first choice as trusted waste management partners for a wide variety of clients within the Governmental and Private Sectors.

We care.

We ensure a swift, safe and reliable service at all times, whilst providing proper waste management and training that help forward-thinking businesses create lasting change for good.

Our professional, friendly and highly accredited team takes pride in meeting tight deadlines, whilst upholding our stringent quality, environmental and health and safety standards.

Whether we’re responding to emergency spills, safely addressing asbestos removal, or leading the decontamination or demolition of process facilities, across land, sea or air, we commit to a dedicated, professional service.

We are proud to say PT Matic has gained recognition for its extensive experience in a wide variety of environmental issues across waste management becoming the trusted partner of choice for waste management across healthcare, aviation, maritime, energy, construction and more.

Our dedication to becoming a leader within the waste management sector and our commitment to quality from the start of the project through to its completion is what sets us apart.

Our Commitment to Quality. Our Commitment to You.

We’re committed to providing a forward-thinking, thorough approach to all matter of waste treatment.

We’re able to provide industry-leading processes thanks to our focus on keeping abreast with the latest waste treatment processes and technologies. We’re fully accredited and ensure all staff are trained and up to date on how to tackle any waste issue for your business.

We place strong emphasis on the continuous improvement of our own waste management processes, ensuring the latest industry standards and best practices are adhered to.

As we like to say; we don’t waste an opportunity to learn!

Accredited. Reliable. Forward-thinking.

We strive for quality and environmental excellence at all levels.

You can breathe easy knowing that PT Matic Environmental Services Ltd. holds certifications for its quality, environment and Health and Safety management systems in compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 respectively.

Because we all work better, when we all work safer.

PT Matic is also an affiliated member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM). This means we are continuously up to date with the cutting-edge developments in the waste management and environmental services sector ensuring a comprehensive service at all levels.

Our forward-thinking approach ensures you benefit from the latest technologies and methodologies available.

A leading voice in waste management and environmental services

We’re proud to say PT Matic is often relied upon to provide input and thought-leadership on a variety of environmental topics, and have been published in a range of articles and write-ups.

Create lasting positive change for your organisation today with PT Matic waste management and environmental services. There’s no time to waste.

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The leading provider of environmental and waste handling services. PT Matic has the experience, resources, and equipment for an immediate response to any environmental challenge.